Table of Contents

Date: 04 December 2020

Category: Jekyll

Tag: General

^^^ A guide to how I got this to appear! ^^^

Hence the judicious use of headers in this article.


Whilst I usually try to keep my blog and wiki posts fairly succinct, sometimes a longer article is necessary. To make such pages easier to read, I went in search of a simple way to add a table of contents to my pages.

Options, options

This site is hosted via GitHub pages, which supports kramdown and GitHub’s own extended CommonMark Markdown processors. I currently use kramdown, which supports the insertion of a table of comments by adding the following to the appropriate point in the markdown page:


However, I also came across the allejo/jekyll-toc project, which implements a pure Liquid table of contents. According to the author, it’s being used (or has been at some point in the past) by an impressive number of projects. Therefore, I thought I’d give it a shot. Advantages are that it can be included in page templates, doesn’t use JS, and it potentially easier to style.

Jekyll Pure Liquid Table of Contents

The only file required from the repository is toc.html. I placed this in my _includes directory.

Then, I added the following to _layouts/default.html, directly underneath where I define the header block (at some point I should probably spit default.html into a couple of separate documents, but its not yet got quite unwieldy enough!).

{% if page.toc == 'Y' %}
  <div class="markdown-toc">
    {% include toc.html html=content sanitize=true %}
{% endif %}

You’ll see that toc.html is being incorporated using the include statement, and will only appear on a page if the toc variable is present in the variables block, and set to Y. For example, the variables block for this page is as follows:

title: Table of Contents
date: 2018-04-02
display-date: Y
toc: Y
categories: [ Jekyll ]
tags: [ General ]

You’ll also see that html and sanitize arguments were passed - see the project docs for more information on these.


The markdown-toc CSS class is defined as follows (in _sass/includes/_contents.scss in my site), which I based on this StackOverflow answer.

.markdown-toc {
    border: 1px solid $border-color;
    padding: 1em;
    list-style: decimal;
    display: inline-block;